**”Zaina is positive force in belly dance, sharing her knowledge with joy and encouragement.  She is a woman of strong integrity, and I value her as a friend.” . . .  Suhaila Salimpour

**”Zaina Hart – she is one of the most loveliest persons I have had the chance to meet in my life! Besides being a great dancer she’s not only an important writer and publisher but also one of the leading ones in the Middle Eastern Dance scene worldwide” . . . . Said al Amir

**”Zaina Hart has been a major asset to my events… as a vendor, a performer, or as a talented and popular instructor. Her skill and sense of humor always makes her truly memorable.” (and for fun, Saqra added this:  Z-you can teach, you can charm, you can perform, you are creative, you can organize, you are fiercely loyal, you can’t say your name while you play cymbals) ….Saqra

**As an instructor — privately, in class and in workshops — Zaina is the epitome of generosity. Whatever she thinks will help you get it, she shares. She is a master of articulation and can teach you just about any movement in the book (and a few that haven’t been written down yet!). I particularly value her philosophy on body positioning and posture. However, what really sets her apart is her ability to teach you how to access your own heart and communicate that to the audience.  Since I’ve been taking her workshops and studying with her I have become a more musical, intelligent dancer. My technique and posture have improved dramatically, and my dancing is deeper and more complex; yet, paradoxically, I’ve also learned when to embrace simplicity. I can only aspire to her elegance and grace, but I know with her help I’ll continue to grow and develop in the dance. . . . Maia, Portland, OR

**I’ve known Zaina since the beginning of my dance career. She has been not only a dear friend but incredible mentor. She has helped navigate the world of dance with grace and passion. Zaina is a strong presence in this community. We are lucky to have her. . . . Nadira – Multi Award winning performer and instructor – including Entertainer of the Year.

**This woman has a sassy style all her own!  I admire her confidence and playfulness on stage; she has the ability to keep the audience smiling and enjoying her every move.  I believe it is her grace of a queen and emotional expressiveness that create her signature performance that are always a pleasure to watch. She is a true artitst.  Zaina is an attentive coach and teacher.  Her eyes catch detail, yet she is still able to see the whole picture.  Her first words are those of encouragement with positive construction and feedback.  When it’s time for the adjustments, she keeps your creative integrity in place while suggesting the appropriate tweaks to better suit the event/venue/ competition.  Zaina gives excellent advice because she is unbiased yet supportive.  “Trust in Zaina”, she lives the Art and knows the business of belly dance!  Zaina has a very kind and generous heart.  When she cares for you, nothing gets in the way of that expression.  To me, her persevering strength lies in her intelligence, dignity and respect for herself and others.  Zaina is undoubtedly creative, articulate and has a charming sense of humor!  She is a jewel (like her name signifies) and it is a privilege to call her friend.  Isis San Miguel, Multi Award Winning Performer, Miami, FL

**”Zaina has always been a strong voice of encouragement for me.  Through her coaching and intensive workshops I have become more confident in my technique and creativity and using movement that is comfortable to my body and style.  Her Intensive workshops are always full of content, hard work and laughter”…..Denetta Uzzell (Nafiah Uz), Washington

**”Being in the presence of Zaina Hart is empowering. I remember the first time I met her, I noted her sparkling green eyes and calming voice, as she shared her words of experience, reassuring me I was ready to take the competition stage. I was a very timid belly dance competitor at that time; she offered me good sound advice which I took and use even to this day. Good advice given and passed along through experience is a wonderful tool to be used, these tools are as important as a shimmy technique or new combination move. Thank you Zaina for being a generous mentor to so many dance artists and for helping me along my artistic journey.” . . . Yvonne (Award winning dancer, Florida)

**Zaina Hart – she is a teacher’s teacher and a performer’s performer. . . . Janie Midgley (owner of Designs by Janie and producer of Wiggles of the West)

**”Zaina has always tried to inspire dancers to be their personal best. I was lucky enough to attend one of her Black Belt Intensives just before Belly Dancer of the Year competition and when I applied some of the things she shared with the dancers at the intensive – “Wait for the music! You don’t have to hit each accent/beat/note!  Just stop and breathe!” – – – it made a subtle difference. I had a few comments given to me like “you suddenly ‘matured’ as a dancer” – “you have always been graceful but today you were GRACE”. Zaina didn’t try and change the dancer I was…instead she helped me get closer to what I could be.  I do plan on visiting Zaina again!. . . . Devi Safir, Award Winning Performer, including 2012 Ambassador of Belly Dance.

**There are those who teach because it is a job.  There are those who teach because they believe they have the tools. Then there are those who teach because they love what they do …. this is the category Zaina falls under.  This is evident in her is positive and encouraging attitude all the while keeping us laughing with her signature statement,  “this is so cool, I think I wet myself”.  We are a family of women who love what we do, thanks to Zaina and her love for this dance and culture. . . . Katrinka (Kathleen Perry – Member of Dancers from the Hart)



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