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*January 2017 SessionEvening 6:00-7:00 pm Thursdays – beginning session.

*Cost for 8 weeks is $100.00 (I do not refund nor extend your 8 week session should you be absent. I will however extend your session if I have to cancel a class for any reason).  You have 8 weeks to use your 8 weeks. $14.00 drop in fee

*If you would like to get on the waiting list – reserve your spot please contact Zaina Hart directly.

Group Classes by Design
*Contact Zaina Hart directly for your group/troupe.
*Rates based on location, class size and length of sessions – fees will be set based on your group’s needs (choreography tune up, new choreography, floor pattern work, etc.)

Mixed Level Class (Troupe Members, Intermediate and Advanced Dancers) are normally each week on Tuesday from 6:00 – 7:00 pm

*Cost or 8 weeks is $100.00  (I do not refund nor extend your 8 week session should you be absent.  I will however extend your session if I have to cancel a class for any reason).  You have 8 weeks to use your 8 weeks. $14.00 Drop in fee

Private Instruction/Coaching – by appointment only; Evenings 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Saturday 11:00am to 1:00pm, or Sunday 10:00am – 12:00pm

*$50.00 per hour or $75.00 per 90 minutes for private instruction and coaching.  Please see the testimonials to help you determine if you feel you will be getting your money’s worth.

All Private Instruction based on using Zaina’s House of Dance, a private studio in Vancouver, Washington – Address provided at time of payment.  Contact Zaina Hart for more information.  If you need me to come to you/your studio, price will change based on mileage, etc.  TESTIMONIAL BELOW

              “Zaina has always been a strong voice of encouragement for me.  Through her coaching
and intensive workshops I have become more confident in my technique and creativity and using movement that is comfortable to my body and style.  Her Intensive workshops are always full of content, hard work and laughter”…..Denetta Uzzell (Nafiah Uz), Washington

Bring Zaina to your City/Town * Workshop Outlines and Fees

Zaina Hart’s Workshop Options
(fees and other requirements at bottom)

“Dancing Outside the Box”

So, You Think You Want to Compete! If you are considering entering the world of “Belly Dance Competitions” you won’t want to miss this class. Zaina gained much of her notoriety while on the competition circuit – – pushing the envelope. With a string of awards and titles (and just as many more unplaced events), Zaina brings the good, frustrating and crazy moments. In this session, Z will walk you through those “lessons” learned, the positive, confident (not arrogant) focus needed, and the win-win that is always there. From the score sheet and category descriptions, the judges, the rules and regulations to the moment you step on and off the stage – – learn the mind set as well as wonderful rewards of competition. Do you know why you want to enter competition/s – what is the draw? What are you hoping to gain – title, prizes, something else? Who are you challenging (you or the other dancers)? Zaina will help you find your answers and your way.

Zaina’s Hot Combinations – Smooth transitions between “specific steps” is the key to fabulous combinations. Zaina is an expert in the graceful, transitional movement that makes a combination series “flow, step to step”. Her exciting “out of the box” approach lends a unique styling to her movement. Zaina will teach various combination series – – that can blend into a solid choreography, then pieced together to work for the soloist and/or troupe. 2-3 hours

Va-va-voom Veil Technique and Elegance – Zaina, is well known for her graceful, elegant movement – which are essential elements of veil work. Her “carefree – not-to-worry” attitude will keep you working “with” your veil, rather than “against” it. She will teach trademark veil moves and unique handling techniques that can have anyone working masterfully with a veil in no time. 4 and 5 yard veils, capes and a brief overview of Isis Wings will all be covered. Bring your particularly difficult veil for a crash course on how to make it behave. Zaina will even offer suggestions for “troupe” veil work. 2-3 hours

“Z-H.Art of Graceful Movement” and stylization; angles, dimension, depth of movement and texture and the all important “Transitions” which are the glue that binds and finishes your performance. Learn beautiful leg placement not only for balance but style and Zaina’s all important “NO” position. Zaina is an expert at balancing the body while appearing elegant and powerful. Attendees are encouraged to offer two of their favorite steps, for which Zaina will present with a transition and styling. 2-4 hours

“Wings of the Phoenix” – arms, hands and upper torso styling are a Zaina Hart trademark; her sit down chair dance is an audience favorite. She will not only teach you how to elegantly and effortlessly incorporate your arms and hands into your repertoire of movement, but show you how to mesmerize your audience right from the soul/hart. This is far more than a “frame your step with your arms” session. Class will finish with everyone participating in Zaina’s famous sit down “Wings of the Phoenix” dance. 2-3 hours

Hip Articulation (Hippy Hippy Talk Talk), Let Your Hips do the Talking; articulated movement – put your hips exactly where you want them – drills and locks covered along with Z’s famous Tic Toc – Tic Loc and Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. 2-3 hours

“Z-Drill Instructor” – – the drills that will have your body executing movement without counting and eye rolling. This is one of those classes that will make “Sarge” run home to mama. 2-3 hours

The Triple “T” Effect – Terrific, Tantalizing Taksim. The taksim can be one of the most powerful pieces of a show stopping performance (can you say Lissa Fakir?). Learn how to caress the music with body styling and movement, breathing all that lovely, ooey gooey texture in and sharing with your audience – – and keeping that audience’s eyes glued to YOU and their bottom’s glued to their seats. 2-3 hours

Z Overlayed What? Everything! (Working with shimmy and vibration overlays and reveberation – at the right moment/s). Egyptian music is masterfully layered and full bodied, and so should the movement that compliments this music. Learn how to take basic movement and add that shimmy or vibration right over the top and then move out of your box with it dimensionally. 2 -3 hours

Tailoring Workshops:

Zaina will tailor combinations of workshops and create specialty workshops “just for you and your group”. Choreography work is also available for soloists and/or troupes.  Troupe movement patterning is a trade mark of Dancers from the Hart – – let Zaina know if you are interested in your troupe moving outside the box, and outside of the squared pattern so many troupes get stuck in.

Fees and Requirements:

$175.00 per hour, minimum of four hours. Fee drops to $150.00 per hour at six hour mark. $200 first performance, $100.00 for second. All travel expenses and lodging provided by promotor/organizer, and meals on days of performance and instruction. Dressing room at performance venue (please no changing in the ladies room), dressing room need not be private – but should be separate from public.

Fundraisers: Contact Zaina directly for your fundraiser, special needs, and fees.